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Educational Workshops

We believe that zero food waste behavior must nurture from small. Thus, we eager to organize awareness campaigns with interactive activities

Food Waste Management and Collection

Removing food waste from kitchen is one of the key activities to keep hygiene. We provide daily food waste collection with a proper segregation management

Smart Urban Farming

Growing edible food on abandoned land or garfen though ICT automated system

About Us

We convert food waste back into food for animal consumption
We protect our mother nature from degradation by breeding maggots

WormingUp is a social enterprise that aims to reduce food waste ended up at landfill sites.

Food waste accumulated at landfill sites produce methane gas and toxic leachate that can cause to several environmental problems.

Likewise, food waste represents a recyclable nutrient source which should not be wasted by dumping it at landfill.

Hence, we provide food waste management service to the existing food and beverage companies by collecting the food waste they generated.

  • food waste segregated
  • Food waste collected
  • Food waste composted
  • food waste upcycled


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HungYee Wee (Jeff)

Chief Executive Officer
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Ihsan Rambli

Chief Operating Officer
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Tan Pei Chin

Chief Technology Officer

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